Where Children Flourish

Principal - Mr. Michael Duggan

  Mr. Michael Duggan
About Menlo Park School

Menlo Park School houses over 800 students in grades kindergarten through fifth grade.  Our families come from all parts of the world; with more than 65% of our children speaking English as their second language. Their primary language can be one of more than forty different dialects. 

The Menlo Park School staff is committed to providing a child-centered environment that recognizes and values the individual differences of your learners.  Our school seeks to nurture and support students’ special abilities and talents through a program dedicated to continuous improvement and growth.  Over the past year, we have implemented a literacy program that regularly provides students with small group instruction in order to target and improve reading strategies.  Our Curriculum Resource Teacher provides professional development for teachers and ensures all teachers have the materials and skills needed to teach our students. 

We are also proud of the district’s ongoing effort to enrich instruction through the infusion of technology.  Every classroom is equipped with a Promethean Board.  The interactive board allows students to take an active role in every lesson.  The implementation of iPads in instruction will make it possible for teachers, parents, and students to share ideas and collaborate in new and exciting ways. 

Co-curricular activities at Menlo Park are designed to enhance the learning experience.  These activities include Student Council, Chorus, Band, Orchestra, Safety Patrol, Art Club, Computer Club, Odyssey of the Mind, Drama Club and Newspaper Club.  In addition, strings and instrumental music (grades 4 and 5) are offered for interested students within the school day.  Both programs culminate with concerts for the school and parents, displaying the extensive talents of our music staff and students. 

Menlo Park School enjoys extensive on-site student services.  These include a full time Guidance Counselor who teaches lessons in our classrooms across the grade levels.  Our counselor works with students in small groups, as well as addressing individual concerns.  The Intervention and Referral Services Committee (I&RS) is a general education committee that encourages teachers to identify students who may need additional support in their learning journey.  The committee consists of school personnel, and other specialists who work with our students. 

The Menlo Park School PTA is a great support to our teachers, students, and families.  A variety of PTA committees work each year in categories including, but not limited to fundraising, Menlo Park School Store, School Dances, Walk for Menlo Park, Fun Day, Science Fair, Penny Challenge, and the Holiday Shop. The executive board continues to develop innovative ways to raise funds in order to support its ambitious goals. 

In closing, I invite all parents to visit Menlo Park School where you can serve as volunteers, role models, and assist us in the development of well educated, caring, and respectful students.