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Safety Patrol


Mrs. Diane Ruiz


All 4th and 5th Grade patrols are recommended by their homeroom teacher to be considered for the position of Safety Patrol.

They must have good grades, not ride the bus home, have leadership qualities and always strive to be a good example of all the Pillars of Character: Respect, Responsibility, Caring, Trustworthy, Fairness, and Good Citizenship.

You cannot sign-up for this position. Students are invited to participate and must write a letter explaining why they would be a good choice for patrol. They need to arrive 15 minutes early to school and stay 15 minutes late every day in all kinds of weather. Safety Patrols work with our Principal and the teachers to help keep the students of Menlo Park School safe.


4th grade patrols are called "Honorary Patrols" and cover the duties of the 5th graders when they go to Camp Bernie and on their Field Trip.

If they have shown they can perform these duties well, they will be the Patrols for the month of June and for the next year as well.

If a student is not a Patrol in 4th grade, they may have the opportunity when they are in 5th grade.

This position is very important for the safety of our growing school.