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Grade 1: Walking in a Winter Wonderland! First grade created a wooded scene complete with birch trees, glittering snow and birds. We are now learning about Spanish Surrealist Joan Miro, and creating our dreamlike pictures!


Grade 2: Penguins On Parade! Using the art element VALUE, second graders created penguins on ice. March was Read Across America month, and we paid homage to Dr. Suess by becoming fashion designers and gave the Cat in the Hat a new hat for his birthday! Now we are onto discovering the photographer/author/illustrator/painter William Wegman, most famous for his anthropomorphic photographs of Weimaraners. We are combining his dog photos with our imagination!


Grade 3:Picasso Portraits!”   Third grader’s were introduced to the artist Pablo Picasso and using his trademark cubist style, drew their own cubist style portrait, and are now using paper weaving to create a background!

Grade 4: “Kickin it with Art!”  Students are using Vans Customizer to become sneaker designers, they will then transfer their drawing using contour drawing on larger paper before moving on to painting a brick wall to place their show on.


Grade 5:  “Op Art”  5th Graders were introduced to the history of Op Art and discovered that it can even be found in today's everyday fashion! We ended the unit by creating awesome Op Art Spheres, and are now moving on to the art of Metal Tooling/Repousse, (which means; “to push back”, in French)