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Grade 3: During our math cycle, we are exploring how math is used in various careers. Right now, we are trying to decide if we should work for Disney Pixar or Dreamworks animation studios by comparing things like movie ratings and net profits. We are learning about averages, decimals, how spreadsheets work, graphing, and analyzing data to make an informed decision. Later, we will look at how restaurant owners and bakers have to use math in their careers!

    Grade 4: Our 4th grade math students are learning all about probability with the goal of using what they learn to create carnival games for their classmates to play. We want to make sure that we, the carnival owners, make a profit, so we will learn how to use theoretical probability to make our games slightly unfair. We will be doing a lot of experimenting with flipping coins, picking colored cubes out of a bag, using spinners, rolling dice, etc. to learn how to compute both theoretical and experimental probabilities. Then, we will use this knowledge to make an awesome carnival!


Grade 5: Our 5th grade mathematicians are learning all about computer programming and how it relates to algebra. We will be learning to write our own definitions and code in order to create a simple video game for our classmates to play. We are learning essential math skills like order of operations, the purpose of variables, how to plot and move images on a coordinate grid, and much more!

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