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Sra. Murillo y Sr. Ballon

First Grade: We are getting started in Spanish in First Grade with learning colors, the calendar and numbers up to 31, introducing ourselves and following directions in Spanish. Next we will work on farm animals and their descriptions, culminating in reading Oso pardo, oso pardo...
Second Grade: We are learning to describe and talk about ourselves. We will use this information to create a "yearbook page" telling all about each of us!
Third Grade: We are talking about school! We are talking about the things we need and use in school, people and places in school,  and what we do (and do NOT do) in school. We will end the unit by reading a book about a boy, David, and what he does in school.
Fourth Grade: We are learning about the rain forest, describing the fruits and animals, and talking about what each animal does. We will create and describe our own new animal, and then read a story about a girl who dreams of all the fruits and animals of the rain forest in Puerto Rico.
Fifth Grade: We are studying Mexico! We are learning about holidays celebrated in Mexico, geography and customs of Mexico and what clothing items we wear in which weather conditions.